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Assistenza giudiziale internazionale

Who we are

We are Italian attorneys with expertise in the offering, to English/German speaking individuals or companies, legal assistance and advice in all business or judicial matters on the Italian territory.
With offices in Milan, Rome and Lecce we are present – from North to South – practically all over Italy. We also gladly offer the possibility of out-of-office meetings, throughout Italy and, if necessary, abroad.

What we offer

We offer highly qualified legal advice in all our fields of activity, as well as legal, judicial, and out-of-court assistance, at all levels of judgment and before all civil and criminal courts, including the higher courts in Rome.
Our services are provided in English/German and, if possible, also on-site in your vicinity.

The way we work

We are constantly active in the international legal field and we are also present (besides Italy) in many other European English or German-speaking countries.
In most cases, we act directly and in person. Occasionally we may operate or intervene through our trusted and proven collaborators, but each case is always followed and handled by us directly and in person, from beginning to end.

Our Services

Italian Civil Law

In addition to our offices in Milan, Rome, and Lecce, we have an extensive network of proven collaborators all over Italy.
Thanks to our language skills and legal expertise, our firm is able to offer English/German-speaking clients a wide range of services throughout Italy. Our services range from legal advice and assistance, complete with legal assistance and judicial and out-of-court representation, to the resolution of cross-border legal cases.
We have an extraordinary experience in litigation and civil proceedings of all kinds. Our specialisations include, in particular, Italian real estate law, debt recovery in Italy, Italian and international inheritance law, and damage claims in Italy.

Italian Criminal Law

We directly take on the criminal defence of English/German-speaking citizens charged, arrested, convicted or detained in Italy.
When a person is faced with legal troubles abroad, it is crucial to be able to turn to an experienced professional who not only knows the judicial system of the territory, but also speaks and understands the language of the alleged culprit.
The assistance of a bilingual lawyer, able to understand and communicate without the need for an interpreter and to grasp even the slightest nuance, makes it possible to prepare the best defence.
At the same time, the international experience and the ease and frequency of travel also allow and facilitate contacts and support from family and relatives.

International collaboration

Besides, we work with colleagues and other Law Firms, from countries other than Italy, who, with our support, are able to offer their clients assistance at an international level, while always remaining the sole direct contact with the client and the only owner of the case.
In this way, foreign lawyers are given the opportunity to deal with their clients’ cases involving the Court of Justice, institutions, and bureaucracy in Italy, without any risk of compromising their relationship with the client, as established and cultivated over the years, and preserving their fiduciary bond.
In this way, foreign colleagues, lacking a specific and/or linguistic knowledge, can offer a service to their regular customers without the risk of seeing them rely on other lawyers for a bureaucratic or legal problem in Italy.

Any question?

We are happy to advise you on matters that fall within our fields of activity. Write us without obligation and describe your case. We will contact you to arrange an appointment and discuss it together.

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